The A-Pro100 Camera Backpack Is Available

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The A-Pro100 Camera Backpack Is Available

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After so many days, one sample after another, one modification after another modification…Finally, this A-Pro100 professional camera backpack is available to be appear on the market.

A-pro100 — The large capacity camera backpack. It could store D3,D4 and 1D size camera with lens.
The bag is made of water-resistant Nylon. High quality gloss and smooth tactile impression, what’s more it is durable as well.
The inner lining of the whole bag is made of Nylex, 2 long and 5 short divider compartments inside, make the space could be adjust to any cameras and lenses you have. 2 extra rubber bands help to secure the equipments. 15mm shockproof thicken body and compartments; make sure your cameras in well protection.
The zipper of the bag is YKK; it is smooth and durable than some other zippers. It makes the whole bag strong.
There is a Velcro in the front of the bag for logo or your personality tap. You could always show something interesting to other people there.
There is a small pocket on both side of the bag; you could put your drinking bottles and tripod there.
The two removable and adjustable straps with buckle in the front help to insecure the bag. It could also use to tight your tripod on the side.
There is a padded decompression system on the bag, combines with the thicken and widen shoulder strap, it will help to reduce the pressure during long travel. The adjustable strap with buckle on the shoulder strap and the two 56cm long 3.8cm wide adjustable strap for the waist could stop the bag from shacking when hiking in the mountains.
There is a hidden rain cover between the bottom and body, you don’t have to worry about the sudden rain when outside.

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A-Pro100 Camera Backpack

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